Reinhardt Microphone Windsocks

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Fur "pull-on" Windsocks are used most often when the supplied foam windshield is not adequate in windy conditions.

Windsocks are easily pulled over the existing foam, plastic or metal windshield and are usually fastened with velcro. Some models have an elastic fastening where appropriate.


  • available for most microphones on the market
  • quick and easy to mount
  • competitively priced
  • beautifully finished
  • made from acoustically transparent silver gray synthetic fur

For 50 mm ball microphones Shure SM58 etc. Will also fit the Sony VX1000, VX2000, VX2100.

65 mm diameter, length 110 mm.
For use with Foam Windscreen 48-55 for most ball type hand microphones.

50 mm diameter, length 100 mm.

50 mm diameter, length 130 mm.
For Sony Pro videocameras, Audio Technica AT875r, MXL FR-303, Nady SGM12, Schoeps CMIT5U, Sony ECM-674, ECM-NV1, ECM-XM1.

50 mm diameter, length 190 mm.
For AKG C568, Azden SGM-1000, SGM-1x, SGM-2x Sankin CMS-10, Sennheiser ME66, MKH416 MKH60; Beyer MCE86; Røde NTG1, NTG2 NTG3 and shotgun mics up to 190 mm.

50 mm diameter, length 250 mm.
For Audio Technica AT8035, Audix UEM81s, Fostex MC35, MXL FR-304, Sankin CSS5 and shotgun mics up to 250 mm.

50 mm diameter, length 300 mm.
For Azden SGM-2X, Sennheiser ME67 and shotgun mics up to 300 mm.

50 mm diameter, length 350 mm.
For Audio Technica 8015, BP4027, BP4071; Neumann KMR-82i and shotgun mics up to 350 mm.

50 mm diameter, length 400 mm.
For Beyer Dynamic MC837 and shotgun mics up to 400 mm.