Reinhardt SoftZep MKII Zeppelin

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When the original Soft-Zep was introduced to the market in September 2007 the Reinhardt Soft-Zep was nothing short of a revolution in simplicity, design and performance.

We have listened to our customers and have developed the Soft-Zep MKII. By utilising Reinhardts Whisper technology and optimising production techniques we have been able to substantially reduce the price and weight (390gm) of the Soft-Zep MKII so that it is the most cost effective blimp on the market which makes it ideal for schools and colleges.

The open cell foam core that we now use, is much more acoustically transparent than the earlier Soft-Zep models. The MKII uses a special light weight acoustic foam with a very coarse pitch which effectively creates a cavity, fundamental for effective windshield performance and yet simultaneously minimises high frequency attenuation. The MKII has a larger diameter and an extra protective lycra layer for improved windnoise reduction.

The MKII is lightweight, robust and simple to use and has a permanently mounted high quality fur windcover and a very comfortable hand grip made from Kraton rubber with soft gel inserts. For ease of use, the microphone is simply inserted into the rear of the Soft-Zep MKII in the same way as a "Whisper".

A special handle is also available as an accessory, which has a built in XLR connector in the base.