LAV Windscreens

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The correct way to use a Reinhardt LAV. Available in different covers and different sizes. LAV-XS fits the majority of professional body worn microphone. COS11, DPA, Sennheiser, Audio Technica etc. 

These are the ideal solution for body worn microphones. There is a small elastic loop which to pass the microphone through, so that it will not get lost. The metal ring can then be slid along the elastic to accomodate various microphone sizes allowing the access hole to be either loosened or tightened.

  • Three sizes are available:- Medium, Small and Extra Small.
  • The LAV-M is for older style microphones with a diameter of up to approximately 15mm.
  • The LAV-S, for modern miniature tie-clip microphones.
  • LAV-XS for extremely small body microphones.
  • Foam windscreens are also available for the LAV series