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Reinhardt Microphone Windshields

Reinhardt  are the leading manufacturer of quality microphone windshields and accessories for pro users, broadcast, film and TV as well as the serious enthusiast. Our goal is to deliver products of the best quality with total customer satisfaction.

All products are manufactured by hand in our own factory in Denmark by a small dedicated team of Danish craftsmen.

We use the latest materials and techniques and at the same time completely adhere to all relative environmental laws and guide lines. Reinhardt do not use any animal products.

LAVs - Personal Microphone Solutions

Windsocks and foam windscreens for Tie-clip and Lapel microphones

Reinhardt Whisper

Quick and easy application in the field and with superior windnoise reduction.

Fur “Pull On” windsocks

An easy to apply and economical solution to wind noise.

Reinhardt Product Range

We are best at what we do . . .


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Foam - Windscreens

For windnoise protection at moderate windspeeds.

Zeppelins - The Reinhardt SoftZep

The Reinhardt Soft-Zep for ultimate windnoise protection. Extremely lightweight.

Pistol Grips

Light weight pistol grip and microphone suspension system. One size fits all.

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